As a certified postpartum doula, I provide quality information, emotional and practical support and care to new mothers and their families to help them bond with their babies and confidently enter new parenthood. Regardless of how many books have been read, it is common to feel unprepared to meet the challenges the postpartum period brings. Providing gentle, nonjudgmental support and encouragement as you find your footing in your new role, I aim to help you become self-reliant and confident in your new skills!

The role of a postpartum doula is defined by each client and their individual needs but can include any of the following services:

Breastfeeding support

Support in the early days of breastfeeding with positioning, perfecting the latch and help troubleshooting problems.



Managing schedules, helpful tips and tricks in handling multiples, organisational help, and an extra hand to help Mama get some extra rest. 

infant care

Information and evidence-based care in soothing techniques, infant sleep safety, bathing and signs your little one is tired, hungry or in need of a nappy change


routine planning

Helping to find the balance in the early days of parenting and steps to help you and your little one fall into a gently routine.

sibling & family support

Help older siblings adjust and bond with the new baby so that they feel included, useful and welcome the change in the family dynamic.


Physical & emotional support

Mothering the mother after birth, postpartum massage, reflexology, a nonjudgemental listening ear.


Remote postpartum support usually involves 3-5 video consultations. The first is in the third trimester of pregnancy and aimed to help you prepare for your postpartum period by setting in place a plan of action and support system for the first few weeks of motherhood. The following consultations are within the first few weeks after your baby is born and geared towards answering any questions, addressing any breastfeeding, emotional and/or physical concerns you may have and helping you find a healthy balance during the postpartum period.

You will have unlimited email and text support during the first 6 weeks postpartum.


It was so wonderful working with you after Noemie’s birth! I was always so bummed not to have a doula with my firstborn, so working with you (especially after just moving to a new city) was so needed. It was especially helpful with newborn care and my helper’s role, as well as the few breastfeeding issues we had.
— Stephanie, SINGAPORE

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