10 Pregnancy Myths BUSTED

10 Pregnancy Myths BUSTED

People are shameless when it comes to giving advice to pregnant women. Whether or not you have asked for it, friends, your sister-in-law or random people on the street will seem to think it is perfectly OK to give you their opinion about your pregnancy and unborn baby. Sometimes these opinions are welcome and based on facts and other times they are complete myths and old wives tales. Here are the top 10 pregnancy myths and whether or not they hold any truth:

1. Avoid Caffeine

FALSE - While the food and drinks that you consume are delivered directly to baby, this doesn't mean that you have to give up your morning lifeline cup of coffee cold turkey. One cup of coffee

Preparing for Baby Number Two with Patricia Parisienne

Preparing for Baby Number Two with Patricia Parisienne

So many of my clients come to me in preparing for their second child. They come to me knowing that they want something different than what they experienced with their first or they are just overwhelmed with the idea of managing two little ones! I work with them on birth expectations, VBAC, planning postpartum, preparing siblings and more but I thought that an interview with a Mama awaiting and preparing for baby number two would be the perfect way to address all the issues that second time Mamas-to-be face. 

I first met California native, PatriciaParisienne when she was living in Paris. Tricia is a social media guru, businesswomen, entrepreneur and somehow seems to do it all! She has since moved to London, gotten married and had her beautiful little boy George just over a year ago. We have supported each other through the ups and downs of raising little ones via Instagram and now, Tricia is awaiting the arrival of baby number two. 

How old is George now and how old will he be when Baby #2 arrives?

George is now 18 months (I can’t believe it!) and will be 20 months when Baby #2 is born.

Did you always plan on having kids close in age?

We didn’t set out to have two under two but are excited! We ideally wanted to have them